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‘365 days in a year’

November 29, 2011

We have 365 days in a year 

52 Sunday: Sunday is a day for rest. so if you exclude the day from the year,                                 you are left with 313 days.

50 Summer holidays: Approximately, balanced 263 days.

130 Days for Sleeping: One requires at least 8 hours at night, so it you put with                                                   ‘4’ days.

15 Days for play: we all know that all work and no play makes tack a dull boy. So                                    even if we keep one hour a day for playing, 15 days in the year,                                     will go for playing leaving us with 126 days.

30 Days for eating: Suppose we spend two hours a day for eating chewing and                                             swallowing main meals and snacks in between properly, it                                             would amount to 30 days in the year. The number of days                                             we are lest with us is 26 day.

15 Days for Talking: Man is a social animal which means he needs to chat with                                              people. So if we keep one hour a day for talking the number                                           of days for talking in the year will be 15 which leaves us                                                   with 81 Days.

35 Days for Examination: At least 35 days in a year are taken up by only 46                                                              days.

40 Holidays: If you count the holidays for festivals and at the end of each term,                             you can put aside 40 days, balance 6 days.

3 Days for Sickness: When you are sick, you can’t possibly study. keep aside 3                                               days and you have just 3 days remaining in a year.

2 Days for Entertainment: All of us need entertainment. take out two days and                                                           what have you left just 1 day.

That one day is your birthday: Now you can’t be expected to study on that day.

“So how can a student pass if he really has no time to study” ????????????…………


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